Mount Etna may look like a mountain, but it always shows its character everywhere.

Woods and lavas chase each other, adorning the human artifacts of ancient generations.

Difficulty: MEDIUM

Anello della Milia

Height difference500m

Walk among the pine forests and traditional stone buildings to the refuge of Monte Palestra, wandering among the cones and caves of the western rift.
[D+ = 500m L=18 km, Difficoltà = Media]

Difficulty: HIGH

M.De Fiore and M.Egitto

Height difference1000m

A challenging excursion from many off-trail sections to the younger bottoniera of the western rift, the majestic monumental oaks of Mount Egitto and the vertiginous caves of the Angel.
[D+= 1000m; L= 22 km, Difficoltà = Alta]

Difficulty: HIGH

Anello del Gelo

Height difference750m

From the beechwood of Timparossa to the famous Grotta del Gelo. You will go up to the 1947 bottoniera and M.Pizzillo.
[D+ = 750m, L = 18km Difficoltà = Alta]

Difficulty: EASY

Anello of Monte Nero degli Zappini

Height difference200m

The route allows you to walk an easy circular trail in 2 hours and 30 minutes to observe some peculiarities of the Etna environment including the “cannon-shaped” stones, "Hornitos" and the typical high mountain flora.
[D+ = 200 m, L= 6 km, Difficoltà Facile]

Difficulty: EASY

I 2 Neri

Height difference300m

Ascent from the South-West slope to the "bottoniera" Monte Nero degli Zappini, on a path studded with “cannon-shaped” stones. After crossing the fracture of 1780 you will reach the top of Monte Nero (altitude 2130) from which you can appreciate the view of the whole area of Piano Vetore and the summit craters.
[D+ = 300 m, L=4 km, Difficoltà Facile]

A minimum number of 10 participants required, the excursion price is 40€ per person.
We are available to provide you with more information and customized pricing.

D+ = positive height difference
D- = negative height difference
L = Length

High = significant physical commitment, habit of altitude.
Medium = habit of prolonged aerobic physical activity
Easy = used to few hours of aerobic physical activity


Rifugio Santa Barbara | Etna | 1750 m slm


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